My aunts’ famous pasta recipe

Hey weirdos, Today is a bit different on the blog. Many of you asked for my favourite vegetarian meals and this is one you will often see me prepare on my Instagram. I took my aunt's recipe that I have been using for years and turned it vegan hence making it healthier as well. There... Continue Reading →



I couldn’t say this better myself.


When I was in Mariánské Lázně last month, I saw these horses.


I slowly came closer and watched them for a while. They looked so sad. One couldn’t even see what was around him because it would scare him, and the other had such desperate gaze.


He looked as if nothing mattered to him anymore, as if he had already been stuck in this universe of imprisonment for ages, as if he was the saddest horse on Earth.

And I wanted to help him, I wanted to free him from his chains and let him go, let him run across the meadows, let him eat and drink whenever he wanted to, move whenever he desired to do so and have a rest whenever he felt tired.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t save him, nor his friend who was too scared of cars, nor any imprisoned horse on the planet at…

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Let it Flow event + Giveaway

Hi weirdos, Happy Friday! I could not be happier for this weekend as I plan to attend the First ever Cape Town Pizza & Pasta festival tomorrow and I have an exciting shoot planned for Sunday. Today is also a fun Friday because I have tickets two double tickets to giveaway to a very cool... Continue Reading →

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