The Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo – Cape Town

Hi weirdos,

It’s about time that I blogged about my favourite beauty event for the year. As you probably know the Beauty Swop or Sale Beauty Expo took place a few weeks back and I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder of the group and interviewing her here.

The event was beautiful and wonderfully orchestrated. I think it did begin a bit later than planned but I am sure it was worth a few minutes waiting. From the moment I set foot into the venue, I met familiar faces, most of which I have never met before but I knew from the Beauty Swop or Sale Facebook group. I casually say “hello” to all these “new” faces knowing their names and surnames because I am just weird like that. I had my blue wig and full-on mermaid outfit so I didn’t expect anyone to recognize me but a few did!

Imagine a Sephora, actually, that’s too small, imagine a hall with all the high-end, drugstore, dupes and all types of makeup as well as beauty therapy, coupled with a family of beauty addicts, all very much acquainted. Now imagine spot prizes, lucky draws with amazing goodies, a goodie bag and even food outside. Sounds like heaven and it was!

The turnout was spectacular, I think at every point until the last 2 hours the venue was always hustling and bustling with people. I stood at the Pink Cosmetics stand and ended up helping them assist people for most of the day! That’s how busy it was, also it was hard to walk in my mermaid tail.

Upon entry, you received your wristband and goodie bag if you had the applicable ticket. You were also greeted with lovely smiles by the Beauty Swop or Sale admin or members.


There were a number of stalls, each of which had really friendly faces and great service. First up was Glow Theory who specialize in Korean Skincare and makeup. They had testers for the makeup products and many samples of skincare to choose from. Their online store will be up in a couple weeks and I cannot wait!


Across them was probably the largest stall there and one of the most stunning, yes, it is Samika Store. With a massive selection of high-end and most sought-after brands, one could not help but drool at this marvelous store.


Next up was the infamous ‘Brow Whisperer’ Razia Israel with her Dvine Beauty Brow Squad. Everyone I met had attempted to make an appointment with her or waited until she was free! She is is just that talented!


With the most Fairytale like vanity and great products from Sephora and other well-known brands was Vanity Line. I definitely could not stop looking at myself in here light up mirrors and those delicious looking cupcakes she offered with every purchase. Yum!


Across from them were Pink Cosmetics which was hands down the most gorgeous smelling and looking products partnered with Lilli Makeup Boxes who has stunning makeup holders. From the bath bombs to unicorn brush cleaners, to fragrances and high-end makeup at discounted rates, you could probably break the bank at this stall.



There was a stand with Avon Avon by Colleen products where you could get any of which Avon product you pleased. Another stand had drugstore products such as Yardley, Rimmel etc. I also met Paige from Blend by Paige. She is super friendly and down to earth. There were nail stalls and massage therapy stalls. I have a gallery below with pictures.

The beautiful store T’s Cosmetics was present as the lovely Tonia Wu flew from Johannesburg for the event! It was so great to finally meet her. Her selection ranged from the most beautiful brushes to pressed glitters. Any makeup tool or accessory you need, she probably has it in a beautiful sparkling version.

Last but not least, there was OFRA Cosmetics SA that really needs no introduction. They are an amazing US brand and I could not look without wanting everything! I am in love with their liquid lipsticks and highlighters especially. Also, I believe they are having a 30% birthday sale at the moment so click their name and check out their store.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The goodie bag was amazing weirdos! It covered more than the cost of the ticket and best of all it has Beauty Swop or Sale printed on it! Now, I can spot all the BSS weirdos in Clicks and Dischem grabbing the last stock of the shelves and make them share it with me. 😛

The goodie bag included a KiKi Beauty Citrus Setting spray(which I use everyday I use makeup now) and some of their samples. It had some vouchers from The Beauty Box SA and Dream Fusion. There was a stunning Catrice lipstick, Timeless Truth mask and eyeliner stencils. I did not get the makeup class ticket hence I cannot comment on that.



All in all, it was a great expo and I had a lot of fun. I also won best dressed and got some awesome prizes for it. It helps when you are an extra mermaid sometimes. I got to meet some amazing followers, friends, and bloggers! Thank you to Charnelle and the admin for having me and hosting me an awesome first expo.


There will be a BSS expo in Johannesburg later this year, email if you want to be a vendor.

Be beautiful inside and out,

xx Miss Dhanusha 


Photocredit: Basheer Khan for the photograph with Razia Israel.


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