Corona Sunsets Festival – How to rock summer festivals

Hi weirdos,

Summer is finally here and you know what that means? Music festivals, crop tops and visiting the beach duh. One music festival that has been on my list is Corona Sunsets Festival, it checks all the summer boxes. Last year was the first time it was hosted in South Africa and I could not attend but I only heard great things about it from friends.

I am proud to be invited by Corona to attend one of the 9 international events, right here in Cape Town. Some of the other cities it is hosted in include Austrailia, Mexico, United Kingdom and Japan. Corona Sunsets Festival is really taking the world by storm with its incredible lineup, magical stage setups, and awesome locations.

The line-up did not disappoint this year. The full lineup is:


  • Jonas Blue
  • Klingande
  • Mi Casa
  • Timo ODV
  • No Method
  • Da Capo
  • Strange Loving
  • Leighton Moody
  • Majozi
  • Early Hours
  • Johnny Paps

All hosted by the incomparable K Yeezi!

Since I have been to a few local and international festivals, I thought I should share my favourite tips on how to rock Corona Sunsets festivals and others.

  1. Fanny pack –  A little fanny pack attached to your waist or a little bag is the easiest and most comfortable way to carry your phone and other items. You want to be able to dance but also keep those belongings safe.
  2. Sunscreen – I cannot emphasize how important this is, slap on enough and carry a travel size sunscreen if you can.
  3. Power bank – If you have a power bank for your phone, carry it. If not, make sure your phone is fully charged. The last thing you need is a dead phone when you get lost in the crowd. Plus, you need to snap your favourite moments for Instagram of course. Also, we know the data struggle is real, make sure you top up before you go.
  4. Festival gear – I swear by comfortable sneakers (not Converse) although I love my Chucks. I am really not sure how people wear heels to festivals, please don’t be one of those brave souls that end up with 10 blisters. (I can shuffle in heels though I would not advise it). I usually wear a cap and my sunnies, these are essential. Also, please refrain from using Native headgear etc.(Cultural appropriation is not permitted, ever)
  5. Hydrate – Cape Town has been extremely hot recently, make sure to drink water in between alcoholic drinks. Make sure to stay hydrated and look for water points. Know your alcohol consumption limit, no one wants to look after you if you get too drunk.
  6. Buddy system– Coming back to point 3, take a buddy whenever you are leaving your crew just to ensure no one is left behind. Even if your phone dies, having a buddy with always helps.

Corona Sunsets Festival details:

Date: Saturday 16 December 2017
Venue: Corona Sunsets Oval & Bungalow, Clifton
Time: 12PM – 11PM
 R550: Last minute
Bungalow Table bookings: 
Tickets available from

Follow #CoronaSunSetsZA for more information.

Uber, Shuttle, Carpool or Walk – There is VERY limited parking at the venue!Get your first UBER ride free up to R50 by using the code CORONASUNSETS17

Party in the knowledge that your goods are securely LOCKED away under supervision & you’re the only person with the key!

Lose yourself in the music and not your valuables. Lock it up
Corona Sunsets is a cashless festival. You can top up online via – Collect your cashless wristband on the day of the festival at the entrance then enjoy all
transactions with a simple tap.
I hope this helps guide you to rocking Corona Sunsets Festival Cape Town. This is an 18+ event.
Hope to see you on the dance floor this Saturday! Tickets are almost sold out so go grab them!
Keep rockin’,

 xx Miss Dhanusha 


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