Why I started blogging and 7 blogging tips

Hi weirdos,

Happy 2018! I would like to say how the time has passed so quickly but I can’t believe its still January. I had quite a  fun festive season, I hope you did too!  My blog turns one year next month, I cannot believe it! I thought I should highlight why I started and give you some of my blogging tips…


Previous Blog Attempt

When I lived abroad 3 years ago I started a blog but I only wrote one post. I did not have much free time as I was working, studying and traveling. The idea of having a blog was always at the back of my mind, I knew sometime down the line I would pursue it again. Growing up, I read a substantial amount and as the years went by I started reading more online. During my high school years, I would write a lot of song lyrics, poems, and speeches. I wrote a play once for our spiritual classes which we acted and even added a verse to the school anthem. English, I suppose was one of my better subjects even though I enjoyed the others more.

A Safe Space For All

A not so fond high school memory was being bullied, they did not really deal with the people in my class, however, I was the one that was blamed. I have always been different or so I was told, rocking my emo punk skulls singing Avril Lavigne made the prime victim. Eventually, I moved schools, only to move back but anyway the main point of mentioning this was to highlight that I wanted to create a safe space for the misfits, the rebels and those that people call “weird.”

Beauty Lover

You are probably aware I love makeup and all things beauty related. At some point in the past 2 years, I joined a Facebook group known as beauty swop or sale. It’s basically a bunch of fun loving beauty junkies. When people saw my makeup looks on the daily selfie thread I would give many messages about it and people would ask about the products. Now it was all good and well I would respond but then I thought why not start a blog and put it all together for people interested to read.


I have mentioned I study Computer science and when I realized I am really not enjoying it, I needed to start doing something that will bring joy to my life. I love music, food, beauty and being social, what else incorporates all of this? Besides being a Top Billing presenter. I wanted to wait until I turned vegan but then someone told me “you don’t have to be vegan to start your blog.” Starting this blog was truly the best decision ever, turns out I am a writer even if I do not really think of myself as one.


dhanusa (155)595814588..jpg


It’s still a work in progress, some days I have no inspiration at all then I remember how fulfilled I feel when I write. Many of you message me to ask for blogging advice or tips, while I am quite a newbie myself I am going to share some of my own tips.

  • Passion & Purpose – Before you start your blog, you need to ask yourself why you want to start a blog. The purpose is probably the most important part, do you have value to add to people’s lives or is it for your own personal development. Whatever it may be, make sure it has a purpose in your life. This leads me to passion, a blog without passion is like a movie without sound. You need to love what you write about so much that you could do it at any time and anywhere because often that we do. We write posts at 2am amidst the storms(figuratively) because it’s our passion.


  • Research – Research bloggers in your category to gain inspiration(not to copy), support and get an understanding of what may be expected of you. For your blog posts, I can always advise research, research like its going out of fashion. When a    blog post is well-researched it shows.


  • Theme – Whether you start with a free hosting site like WordPress or Wix, choose a theme that has the best layout for your blog. Your site needs to be easy to navigate. I played around with many themes before I decided on one. Make sure you have an about section, contact page and categories.


  • Content & Consistent – Content is most important part of any blog, if the content is good you are already halfway there. It is easier if you break up your ideas and carefully execute it. Planning is somewhat essential or at least brainstorming. Consistency is everything. I do have periods, like during exams, that I do not post but you should let your readers know what is happening. Try to stick to regular posting. How do you know if your content is good? If you can read it over and over again and not bored (kidding), which brings me to my next point.


  • Editing  The reason I take some time to finish one blog post is that I edit profusely. I probably read a blog post 10-20 times over during the editing process. I also edit my pictures using the app Snapseed. Spelling and grammar errors happen of course but editing removes most of those. Please punctuate and use paragraphs. Previously, I would ask a friend to proofread. 


  • Pictures – People like visually appealing blogs, you do not need an expensive camera, at least not if you are just starting out(in my opinion.) If you can afford a DSLR camera then by all means but if not a phone with a good camera will work just fine. I tend to take pictures outside recently as I do not have a lightbox but there some DIY tutorials on how to make one online. My pictures were really atrocious in the beginning but have improved.(It’s good when you see improvement yourself)


  •  Social media – If you want to get the word out there about your blog, social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog. A curated Instagram feed is a tremendous help although I myself do not really have one, it has improved drastically. Brands tend to look up your Instagram first, so I have heard.


dhanusa (33)968834991..jpg


I mentioned a surprise on my Instagram stories, are you ready?




Ofra Cosmetics South Africa

Use the code “miss_dhanusha20 on their store above. Go ahead and get shopping! Their liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and blushes are awesome I reviewed their lipstick here. I have swatched and tried almost everything and it’s all awesome, even I will be using my own code. LOL.

I want to thank you all for the continuous support and love. You guys actually make blogging a great experience for me. In one year I feel like I achieved quite a lot and it is all thanks to you.

If you would like more blogging tips, please comment below and let me know. Also check out my About section and  Who is Miss Dhanusha? post if you are new to my blog.

Stay weird,

xx Miss Dhanusha 


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