Why don’t bloggers support bloggers?

Hi weirdos,

Happy International Women’s day to all you beautiful women (for yesterday). It’s almost the weekend and I cannot wait, I have a make up class to attend (eeek!). I have had quite a busy week as well, we did a really fun food and wine pairing on Wednesday night. Last night I went to the opening function for Vegilicious Cape Town as I am hoping to volunteer. Anyway, I saw a tweet by Prettifulblog this week asking why bloggers don’t support bloggers and it got me thinking…

Why don’t most bloggers support other bloggers? Is it because we fear they are our competition? Are we scared people would like them better? Whatever the reason is, this needs to change. As a blogger, who is still quite new (only one year old) the blogging community especially the beauty community does not come across as welcoming. I have seen more drama and bitterness on Instagram between bloggers rather than support. There are a few that make a concerted effort to show support to bloggers but there is more to support than just sharing their profile on your Instagram story.

While I also share bloggers’ profiles on my Instagram stories, I make an effort to read blogs, comment on the post, retweet it and like it. I may even comment on it on Facebook. Imagine you were in a class, when someone does an oral presentation, afterwards you clap, right? While we are not in high school (drama may suggest otherwise), fellow bloggers are our colleagues. Should we not care to engage with their work? Don’t you love it when a blogger supports you? To me its even more meaningful when a blogger enjoys my work, because we are in the same “class.”

Take note, I do not mean those Facebook blogging groups that say “comment on 5 blog posts then leave your link.” That to me is not support, that is just building up your statistics and followers etc. I mean taking 2-5 minutes to read the blogs you enjoy and comment on it or share it. Also, it is good when you reciprocate others’ support but it means more when you actually initiate it yourself.

Blogging is tough, it’s not an easy hobby or job (for some). Without a sense of community, it is much more trying. I have seen some bloggers show support sometimes but there is also a lot more negative comments and judgement on other bloggers. I recently read a blog post about why influencers are the worst and I was quite upset that so much hate from one blogger could be projected onto hardworking bloggers.

All I am trying to say is we are still a growing community and sometimes even I do not have the time to read blogs but when I do, I always share it. The blogging world would be much more fun and positive if every blogger supported their favourite bloggers more. I am not saying go comment and share posts you don’t enjoy, I am saying promote what you love reading, promote bloggers you relate to. If you think another blogger would be a better fit for a campaign for a brand, let the brand or blogger know.

Yesterday someone gave me some guidelines on how to write a pitch; advice I was scared to ask for in a Facebook group because some bloggers would be judgmental and say “wait for brands to approach you” or “just focus on your content.” I am uneasy and quite reluctant to ask other bloggers for anything because it feels like they don’t want to share their “trade secrets.” But this blogger surprised me and gave me the best advice, so I thought, why aren’t more bloggers supportive like this?

I always try to show support in some way. If you want to support bloggers whether you are one or not, this is what you could do:

  1. Comment on their blog post with a meaningful comment.
  2. Comment on their Instagram/Facebook posts with more than 4 words.
  3. Share, retweet or link their posts on your social media.
  4. Like their photos.
  5. Help if you can where it is needed.
  6. Let them know if you see an error in their work.
  7. Collaborate with bloggers.

Treat fellow bloggers as colleagues not competition. While it may seem like there are many bloggers around nowadays, there is room for everyone. Each one of us bring something unique to the table and now more than ever we should be afraid to eat alone (Listeriosis joke, too soon?).

I hope this post encourages us all to build the blogging community up instead of tearing eachother down. I would like to thank all the bloggers that always read and comment on my posts. I highly appreciate it and I will try harder to support others more. Let me know what you think about this in the comments especially if you are a blogger.

Until next post,

Be supportive,

xx Miss Dhanusha 

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at any blogger or group in particular. It is my own experience with the South African blogosphere.

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52 thoughts on “Why don’t bloggers support bloggers?

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  1. I feel the circle I have surrounded myself with is pretty supportive. I have had bloggers help me….and I send out my media kit, pitches and whatever else to any blogger that asks me for help. I am in my own lane and really don’t have a competitive bone in my body when it comes to blogging. We can only uplift each other if we are supportive.

    I see drama, but I stay out of it…it’s just not my scene.

    I try to read a lot of blogs, as many as I can with a full time job, 3 kids, a husband plus my blog. I try to comment and I do share blogs a lot of the time. It is hurtful when people don’t reciprocate, but to each his own. I can’t do with the expectation to get, though in the end…I’ll stop supporting once I realise my presence and support is not appreciated. lol.

    Definitely colleagues…not competition 😉

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    1. Yes I also seem to have more support and go-to people in the industry. It’s good it could always be better.

      I agree sometimes we can get caught up with nonsense but getting involved with drama is futile. Thanks for being a true supporter.


  2. Awesome post hun. You are absolutely right, we definitely need to show more meaningful support to other bloggers and hope they do the same in return

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  3. Hey Dhanusha, great post! You bring up some good points. I try to read as many local blogs as I possibly can. I agree with you that there really is space for EVERYONE!

    My blog is 5 years old now, but I ALWAYS try make an effort to always check out the newbies, follow them on Twitter, FB & IG as I remember how challenging it was for me when I started out. I left magazines to start my blog, and MANY beauty ed’s noses were out of joint and they showed little to no support. It was the beauty blogging community that encouraged me the most.

    I know MANY seasoned beauty bloggers (and magazine beauty editors) who won’t even acknowledge a newbie beauty blogger at a launch or on social media. I think this is ridiculous and SO petty. But, as they say, be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.

    Keep on doing what you do – you write and articulate yourself spectacularly well and I love how outspoken you are. X

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    1. Thank you so much Candice. This means the most. I can’t believe people can be so petty.

      I’m so thrilled to start learning some tips from you. Thank you for showing us support always.


  4. I love this post because what you talk about is so true. Blogging is something I do as a hobby and as a way to express myself. Since I started, there has been many bloggers who have been supportive, but there have been others who have been rude and unaccommodating.

    While some are in it for the freebies, others like myself, just want to spread a positive message to the world and provide a space for readers to just relax and escape from the busy world we live in.

    I will continue to support my fellow bloggers because we all can learn from each other. Keep up the good work Dhanusha 🙂

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  5. Absolutely loved this post it’s so true that bloggers don’t support each other. The truth is I would have never gotten through without the help and support that I received from you and a few other bloggers

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  6. YES!!! Thank you for writing what so many of us have been thinking about or hinting at. That’s what I love about your blog and you – you tell it like it is, 100% 🙂 I’ve been blogging for 6 years and learned a lot during that time… especially this past year. The most important thing for me is to write from the heart and support others as best I can. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at this – or as good as I’d like to be, but I make the effort. Back in the day I was reading +/- 15 blogs a day and commenting on all of them every day. That wasn’t fun at all…. it felt like an exhaustive chore. Now, I read, like, share and comment on blog posts that I resonate with, when it happens. It’s no good me commenting something like, “Great post, I like what you had to say here!” on something that I’m not really interested in. So I think for me, it’s just about spreading the positive vibes and sharing on Twitter, and commenting/reading posts that I resonate with when I read them. I’ve found it really helpful to surround myself with other bloggers who I feel like I can go have a coffee with. I LOVE blogging and when you find the right community, it’s awesome.

    Can’t really speak for the bloggers out there who refuse to support others. I just believe that what you put out there, tends to come back to you – and I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

    I can’t even imagine blogging without support and community! It goes hand in hand.

    ~ Melanie

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    1. Thanks Melanie. You have always been a big supporter of my blog and I am such a fan of yours. This reminds me I need to catch up on your posts I am behind. It’s also a struggle for me at times. But I agree with you..hopefully we meet some time


  7. Hi. I enjoyed reading this, it’s so true and a big eye opener. I am also new to the blogging world and I have noticed that some bloggers who are kind will help if you ask but some just ignore you because they feel you are their competition. One thing I truly believe is that blogging is sharing your experiences, ideas and thoughts and if you help someone in the process that’s great . So Let’s be about sharing instead of competing.

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  8. Hey Hun, I share your sentiments. Thank you for speaking out and I love that you are authentically yourself in all you do. Keep doing what you do …. Love Priar

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  9. I’m glad I got you thinking. Haha! I’ve been blogging for 5 years now, and I feel the lack of support comes from both old and new bloggers. I was speaking to one of the older bloggers a while ago and she said she once attended a launch that only had newer bloggers, and nobody even greeted her or made her feel welcome. I have really tried to make more of an effort this year and I hope it has provided some support to some .
    I truly wish we he had a more supportive community.

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  10. This is a great post. I have seen so much drama (drama that I have never seen before) since I started blogging (although I’m not very active at the moment).

    I have to admit that I myself am at fault for not supporting other as well as I should (my support is minimal) and this has been an eye opener.

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  11. Looove this post.. I support ..nd read where I.can ..not always a case of not supporting ..we as INDIVIDUALS have your favourite bloggers … bravooo D ..hugs I leave the DRAMA FOR THE KIDS ..TY FOR THE AMAZING POST once again👌

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  12. Pay it forward – especially to new bloggers seeking help.

    I’m grateful that I’ve seen almost no nastiness, and that I had help from friendly bloggers from my first post – but that was thanks to the Blotanical community. Still getting comments from bloggers I met there.

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  13. Thanks for this. I feel that (most) of the older bloggers do not reciprocate but the young to medium do. I’m 8 months old in blog terms. Reciprocating is a very basic element of social media. I take care to leave comments on Instagram daily as an example and I do see people reciprocating BUT not most of the older bloggers. It’s made me refrain and focus on those who engage with mex Comments are Important to grow. If someone comments or shares for me I make a mental note to return at least in that week. Even if I don’t like their Instagram Ior blogpost, i can find something to engage with. When I engage and others do not reciprocate on an ongoing basis, It makes me pull back from engaging with them . I am only human and we can’t do the same things expecting different results . Rambling a bit ! By the way even non bloggers need reciprocation.

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  14. Wonderful read!
    From a non blogger point of view. I think it’s great when bloggers support each other!
    You such a helpful person! Thank you for being so real!

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  15. I focus on content. If it’s good and speaks to me then I respond, it’s not person/blog specific. I also have no expectation of reciprocation if I comment, like or share. It is however sad that there seems to be this expectation from bloggers to support each i.e. read/comment/like/share each other’s content just because you’re a fellow blogger. For me, the value of supporting each other is in sharing out knowledge and experiences to help each other as bloggers and not necessarily to help grow a following. When a blogger comments on my blog, I see the individual, the reader not the blogger and what he/she represents as a fellow creative/influencer/etc. I think there is enough pressure placed on us by ourselves to create, post and be consistent, etc. so why put even more pressure out their for blogger-to-blogger engagement when it risks lacking in authenticity?

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    1. My post is not about blogger to blogger engagement at all if you read it. It’s about bloggers who don’t want to help others or are discouraging. It’s about acknowledging blogs you enjoy and sharing them if you want. No one is forced too but we all need eachother if we actually want a blogging community. I’m not saying comment on blogs you don’t enjoy I clearly stated that.

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    2. I must admit I was wondering about this the other day. When I retweet somebody….are they retweeting me because they feel forced to? I never want that to be the case. It’s a difficult space to be in. I always want it to be authentic.

      I used to have a lot of time to go and read all bloggers posts that commented on my post…and I was doing it to be encouraging and supportive, even though the content didn’t always speak to me. Now I don’t have as much time and I feel bad…and we shouldn’t have to feel bad. Either the content speaks to you, or it doesn’t.

      I definitely see both sides…..

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      1. I don’t personally retweet because I feel forced too. I would share if it spoke to me and I think my audience would appreciate it too. If it’s not authentic then it’s not real support and that could be misleading but the point is to not be discouraging or unsupportive in general to peers. It’s not just about engagement


  16. Thank you Miss Dhanusha for this post. ❤️ Ive finally found time to read it well. I’m pretty new (7months old) still finding my footing and wondering if I am any good… Especially with all the negativity that I have come across… Not gonna get let it stop me though. Much love and warm regards…. Melishia

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